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All delegates should regularly inform voters of their progress in accomplishing the goals set out in their proposal. There are many ways for delegates to get in contact — either through this website or through official ARK communications channels. Delegates who can't keep you updated on their status may not deserve your vote.


Being a delegate should be about more than sharing profits. Ultimately, delegates are supposed to ensure the health and safety of the network — and that can come in many forms. Whether through development, community-building, marketing, content production, or something else entirely, the best delegates elevate ARK from a cryptocurrency to a full ecosystem. Consider your vote accordingly.

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Team Members

From solo developers to full-fledged marketing teams, groups of any size can build successful delegates. Here you'll find all delegate team members alongside their role in maintaining (or capturing) forging position.

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Profit Sharing

Virtually all delegates share some portion of their block rewards with the voters who helped them get there. How large that payout is, however, depends on many factors. In addition to paying out different percentages of their rewards, delegates differ in their payout schedules, vote dilution, and other factors. Using our delegate calculator you can discover exactly how much ARK your vote should garner over the short, medium, and long term.

  • Percentage 0%
  • Frequency Daily
  • Running Balance Yes
  • Covers Fee Yes


ARK delegates differ in what requirements they place upon their voters. Some delegates require you to hold a minimum amount of ARK to receive payouts; some delegates won't pay out votes from wallets holding ARK over a defined maximum. We've done our best to collect those requirements here, but you should always reach out to your delegate to confirm should you have further questions.

  • Requires Registration No


Without question, the most important role of a delegate is to maintain the ARK network. Every delegate will run at least one node: the forger that's used to create blocks and collect rewards. Some delegates run multiple forging nodes to ensure that one node's failure won't affect voter payouts. Others run relay nodes to power their applications and facilitate the spread of data across the network. Regardless of type, more nodes equals more network security, so delegates running multiple nodes are highly regarded at ARK.


Delegates should make themselves available to their voters. Much as you wouldn't vote for a mayor who never talks to anybody, it's not recommended that you vote for a delegate who doesn't offer communication channels for you to get in contact. However, as a voter, you should respect your delegates' time as well. While delegates may not be able to respond to you immediately, good delegates should make an effort to respond to voters' requests in a timely fashion.


Address Balance Weight
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ATdBZKyBTq5Xc8cJqYjP9cWh5YFzAxC3Pw 215,685 Ѧ 14.6212%
ATMwaA3MaDiH9GUFgEphwohtCtVXZj2oR5 130,854 Ѧ 8.8705%
AXkEz35hdqj3JBuz68e3EjLtk39mmWceEe 129,425 Ѧ 8.7736%
AQv2TYcSReHzfQiWPbLw5fWTEY1snbEDE4 116,716 Ѧ 7.9121%
AVfQSBjCrou9Sd5MdUChbECCm2UEyV6u2h 108,662 Ѧ 7.3662%
AKy4TCqhZppARm1FdYSSYB5q4RscM6b9qt 92,012 Ѧ 6.2374%
AVQBZe5fAL2yMhFZTcahAUPK7u8as1kxvT 89,681 Ѧ 6.0795%
ARKvHtUuwQpawiFV24BHPLFJEUBY9TDN9o 83,265 Ѧ 5.6445%
ATFx7n1gn97TVF5wg4Tb2jThYdmKeM9cD8 56,502 Ѧ 3.8302%